How to create a free website

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Creating a free website is the best choice for those who have just opened a new business. In fact, a website corresponds to what was once the business card. From the moment technology has taken giant steps and we live in an ever-connected world, creating a website is almost a mandatory step for any company. But if you could not keep up with the technology, I guess you'll feel lost in this vast world of the Web. Do not worry, I'm here and I can help you.

In this article of mine I want to explain in detail how to create a free website and the main tools that will allow you to make the creation of a website as simply as possible. I am sure that my guide will be very useful in case you have recently opened a new activity and you are willing to know about the main online tools that will allow you to create a website.

In order to create a free website, it is not compulsory to contact a professional: in fact, it takes just a little creativity to create a free website for yourself. Clearly your website will have basic features, but if you've just started your business and you're not sure you can afford to invest money on a paid professional website, I'll explain how to create a free website . You will see that just a little 'patience is enough but in the end you will be able to tell you more than satisfied that you have created a free website, using the tools that I will point out in this my guide. You are ready to find out in detail how to create a free website? Take a few minutes to read my guide carefully. Before starting to explain in detail how to create a free website, I want to wish you a good read.

How to create a free website

Before addressing the topic of creating websites, I want to make just a small premise: I want to clarify the ideas on what a website is actually and what tools you can use to create one in a completely free.

In simple terms, a website (also called an Internet site) is a set of Web pages that are related to each other, as if it were a series of online documents located on a Web server. With this in mind, therefore, the creation a website goes through a hosting (which can be free or paid ) that hosts the website on a server and that requests it when someone enters the URL address via a browser. With this in mind, you can understand that to reach an Internet site, just type in the URL of the domain name. For example, to reach my website, just type, in the search bar

Web sites generally have a number of common structures: they consist of a domain that can be customized. Web sites are also characterized by a Home Page , a main page that represents a sort of visiting card of the Web site and other secondary pages that can be visited from the Home Page.

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