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Do you want to bring your business online? And maybe you want to find new customers on the internet? perfect, the time has come: today I want to explain how to create a website and start working with this tool. An instrument that has become indispensable.

how to create a website

Indispensable if you want to focus on online work . But I'll tell you right away: to make a website, it's not enough to use two or three skills on a free platform like and Blogger . You have to focus on professionalism.

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers turn to web agencies and professionals to get a professional job , without smudging, with a strategy behind them. Do you want to try the same? Perfect, here's how to create a website with WordPress.

What is a website and what is it for?
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What is a website and what is it for?
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How to create a website: your opinion
Before starting I want to give a useful definition for those taking their first steps in this world. What is a website?

It is a set of web pages , in turn composed of contents of various kinds, able to describe a theme or a business. In other words, the site is the starting point of any activity.

This is not always the case , there are conditions that do not need such work. Or at least they do not get results that justify the investment, but not everyone can perceive the value of a site. What you need to know is that a website can be free.

But it is not appropriate to focus on similar solutions. You can create a website for free (and then see how) but you have to accept a series of limits that can be a brake if you are looking for a product worthy of note. Do you want to create a blog or an e-commerce?

Perfect, you have to consider an investment proportionate to your needs. I will not tell you how much a website costs , prices can vary a lot. But what is needed is the attitude to investing. Do you agree? Perfect, let's move on.

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