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Speed ​​up WordPress is a duty of the blogger, even if most users have now available an ADSL solution or a very fast Internet connection via fiber optics. We often realize that slowness is not due to your provider, but it is the site's fault.

How to increase the speed of your WordPress blog

How many times have you had to wait more than a few seconds? And what did you do? You have abandoned . So you would not want to be on the other side, right?

You do not want to lose your readers. That's why in this guide I'll explain why it's better to have a quick site, how to measure the speed and practical tips to make a WordPress blog faster . And improve the experience.

Whether it's reading an article in a blog or consulting a site, it's now essential to have an almost immediate response time, but is it really so difficult to speed up web pages ? Let's find out together, that's why it's so important to optimize WordPress .

Because it's important to have a quick site
The topics of the post

Because it's important to have a quick site
Check the loading speed of a site
8 tips to speed up WordPress
Choose a quality WordPress hosting
Use a caching system
Optimize and selectively upload images
Take advantage of browser caching
Javascript and CSS: optimize the code
Use an optimized WordPress theme
Limit the active plugins on your blog
Keep WordPress always updated and clean
Is your site really fast?
A slow site is a problem. As reported by a FastCompany article, Amazon has calculated that the one-second delay in uploading its pages could result in a $ 1.6 billion reduction in annual sales.

Impatience plays bad jokes, because we distract us easily and maybe we decide to leave the site or click elsewhere. Leaving the e-commerce we are visiting or the blogger showing us advertisements.

On the SEO side, it is good to remember that page speed is one of the ranking signals taken into account by Google in determining the SERP of each website. And it is acquiring an increasingly important value over the years. Because in optimizing a web page Google wants to give the reader the best possible result. And this result also goes from speeding up WordPress.

Browsing a fast blog, we have the ability to browse more content, increasing pageview and above all bringing to the webmaster more advertising revenue with CPM or in any case an increase in clicks at the same CTR. If you want to make money with a blog this is the way to go.

One last reason for having a quick site to load is public appreciation , as a user frustrated by the slowness of the site will probably avoid coming back in the future.

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Check the loading speed of a site
If you want a blog or a faster website, you should be wondering how to measure the page load time . One of the best tools to control the loading times of a web page is GTmetrix because it is able to provide a detailed report, including the time to render Javascript.

Remember that there may be differences between the loading timing of the homepage, compared to a landing page or blog article because in most cases it is very different HTML content and structures . After entering the URL, wait a few seconds for the report.

Check the loading speed of web pages
Check the speed of a site with Gmetrix
From this data you will immediately notice the number of seconds to display the page, the number of requests and the total size of the resources downloaded to provide the entire page of the site. To have a benchmark, a site can be considered slow if it takes more than 2.4 seconds to load.

This at least according to the numbers of the State of Online Retail report. Let's not forget Google's PageSpeed ​​Insights among the testers available online . That is a tool for developers and SEO that shows you a score for the current optimization of the site both in terms of desktop and mobile.

After entering the URL of the page to be tested, a detailed report will be shown, also containing practical indications on where and how to intervene to improve performance.

Speed ​​up WordPress
Check the speed of a site with Google Pagespeed
Among the most common problems reported by this tool often appear exploits browser caching and optimizes images, to which we will give a practical solution in the course of this guide.

8 tips to speed up WordPress
The great success of WordPress is due to its flexibility. And the ability to offer ready-made modules for any need through plugins, often free, can be activated in a couple of clicks.

On the other hand, a blog with hundreds of articles and dozens of plugins can be slow, especially if subjected to particularly intense traffic. That's why you need light pages.

We see below some very practical measures, but also technical advice, to immediately improve the performance and speed of loading blogs or websites created with WordPress.

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